Rudina Hoxha – The heavy stone stays in its own place

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Rudina Hoxha – Be Inspired…

By Fati Gorezi

Rudina Hoxha is a professional Journalist and freelance Consultant based in Albania. With a background in advanced reporting/public relations and entrepreneurship, Rudina has substantial experience in writing, communicating and marketing. She covers the European integration, diplomacy, business and culture and she is Editor-in-chief of ‘FOLLOW BUSINESS ALBANIA’, the only English-speaking magazine in Albania on business, diplomacy, tourism and art.

What is your professional background and how do you remember your early life?

By profession, I am a Journalist. I am the Editor-in chief of ‘Follow Business Albania’, a leading English-speaking magazine in Albania, dedicated to business, tourism-and art. What I remember from my early life is that I always wanted to learn from the people who had contributed to Albania including the ‘simple people’ i.e. the workers, and villagers – imagining that they were the ones who know reality better. I also remember that English was my favourite language, and this helped me to use the opportunity of studying advanced journalism in the “University of Pittsburgh”, USA.

USA is the land of dreams. Why did you decide to come back to your own country?

Upon completing my studies in the US, I came back home strongly believing that “The heavy stone stays in its own place.” I brought my gained experience back to my country. I think that learning and using your knowledge for your own country is the best approach. What were the biggest challenges that you faced as a career […]

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